Meteorological Migraine

A storm rages in the poet's flaccid brain

I've got rain in my brain,
A pitter patter on the old grey matter,
Cats and dogs in the cerebral cogs,
A shower dampening my mental power.
There's precipitation in my imagination,
A cloud collision in my vision,
A deluge in my centrifuge,
A tidal surge has overwhelmed my optimistic urge,
A tsunami is rampaging through my spiritual harmony,
A lighting strobe just struck my
frontal lobe.
There's a vortex in my cortex,
An eddy in my heady,
A blizzard in my gizzard,
Hail in my vapour trail,
Sleet on my feet,
Snow on my big toe
Making me feel low.

I'll pop a pill and rest my head
Upon a bed of feather
And when I wake I'm hoping
For bright eyes and better weather.

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Poem Study Notes:

This poem was written in 2014 while feeling slightly depressed.

However, bizarrely by the time the poet finished writing he was feeling quite upbeat, which you can see in the poem!

Now that is a fantastic example of writing as catharsis, if ever I saw one!

So, if you're feeling depressed, why not try adding a weather/mood rhyming pun couplet to this poem and see if that helps. Send it to me and if I like it I'll gladly add it to the web page and credit you! If I don't like it I just won't reply and will pretend I never saw your mail. Hope that's ok.

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