Grand Openings II:
A Brush with Royalty

Bad teeth overcome class boundaries

This Grand Opening
I attended: Scene
A school, near London,
Crowds descended
For a view of
HRH the Queen
Mum all in blue,
So blue
I thought she'd
Sprung a leak
Then graciously
She bent to speak
To - no not me
But baby brother mine,
"She's got bad teeth!"
He sharply cried
And shied away;
He didn't think much
Of her Grand Opening.

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Poem Study Notes:

This poem dates me ... back to a time before celebrities had white teeth. Of course the question of whether the British Royal Family have become little more than 'celebrities' (or - whether celebrities have become royals) and the question of whether they are in the habit of receiving dental cosmetic surgery ... questions which I seem to have just unwittingly raised ... are both matters on which I have absolutely no information available, nor do I even have an opinion ... and if anybody wants to engage me in an argument about either matter, I will run away. I can't stand confrontation (or bad teeth - especially my own).

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