Ode to Immodium

A picture to accompany a poem about bowel movements, or lack of them

Oh, Immodium,
Constipator of my colon
Immobilizer of my bowel;
You make it possible
For me to leave
The house and take
A long walk in the
Countryside, without
Having to remember
To pack
Toilet roll
And a small trowel.

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Poem Study Notes:

This poem was written in 1997 after the poet had suffered an extended bout of diarrhoea during a long coach journey in tropical climes.

So in this case, at least, the poet has thoroughly researched his subject matter.

In the early days of the internet and search engines, this poem ranked in the top ten search results for immodium/imodium on google!  Much to the poet’s surprise, however, no free samples were sent at the time and he is still waiting...

If you follow the advice offered by this poem, please do take care and always read the label etc…

Some of the poet’s friends and family have been known to enjoy this poem.  Some of them have even been kind enough to comment that it is the only decent thing the poet has every written, which is why it takes prime position on this website…

Of course if you are on a walking holiday and forgot to take the imodium, but happen to have a copy of the poet’s overpriced book with you, well I think you can work out a reasonable solution to your problems…

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