The Doctor's Sense of Humour

The doctor nodded kindly and reached under his desk from where he raised a felling axe

Stevie was a city boy,
He wore an old school tie,
His life was full of sex and booze
And other things you buy.

He occupied a penthouse
That overlooked the Thames
And plastered it with modern art
To overawe his friends.

But one night in a taxi home
When chatting to the cabby
The latter asked our hero
Whether he was really happy.

Now Stevie wasn't prone to
Letting others take the piss,
So he smashed the cabby's lights
And drove his car into a ditch.

But the violence didn't kill
The mem'ry of the thing he'd said;
‘Are you really happy?’ was
Still buzzing round his head.

So he popped along to Harley Street
With his philosophic woe,
Slipped a doctor fifty quid
And screamed 'I need to know!'

The doctor nodded kindly and
Reached under the desk,
From where he raised a felling axe
And chopped off Stevie's legs.

While tarring up the stumps the
Doctor said 'You might feel crappy,
But you'll have a clearer mind when
Someone asks you if you're happy.'

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Poem Study Notes:

This poem was written in around 2002, when the poet was working with wide bankers in the City of London.

Somewhere around the same time, the poet had paid a visit to the doctor with a bad case of hypochondria.

This poem seems to be popular with doctors!

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