Too Many Obituaries

Shocked and saddened
They keep on telling me
That someone died
As if expecting me
To be surprised.
Especially they love
To witter on
The famous names,
Apparently I should be
More alarmed to see
Celebrities in graves,
Though people perish
Every day,
Justly, unjustly,
Early, late,
Or by mistake,
And still they love
To celebrate
Those famous names
And beg us to forget
That one death
And the next
Are just the same.

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Poem Study Notes:

I'm not a political person, but maybe I'm a communist when it comes to death. Equal in death if not in life etc.
But I'm over-reacting of course - I only wrote this poem because I was going through a Twitter phase and feeling very confused by the way twitter-land handles celebrity deaths ... you almost get the feeling people are just itching for the next celeb to pop their clogs just so they can use it for marketing purposes, political agenda or just to get a few more followers.
Of course I know I'm just as bad as everyone else. I guess we're all attention seekers - and twitter exaggerates that. My only saving grace is that I can promise you that I have never once said that I was 'shocked and saddened' about anything.

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