The Court of Social Media

A dancing cat

The world has turned in on itself
And our court's in session.
Empowered by technology
The people win the right
To judge transgression.
But like all of human history
Today's proceedings
Make a poor impression.
The prosecutor snaps:
"We waste our time
In idle chat."
The case for the defence:
A dancing cat.
The judge looks up,
Remembers that he's here
To count the toll,
Then yawns and disappears
Into his fingers
And simply taps
The chilling verdict "lol".

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Poem Study Notes:

I spend far too much of my time on Social Media, but a lot less than other people. In general I find it all just washes over me. But I do worry a bit that there are people out there who take it all a bit too seriously. People disagree about whether, when someone is having a drunken rant, you should take their words with a pinch of salt or whether perhaps people only say what they really feel when they are drunk. But as for what people say on social media - that is a whole different and extremely weird kettle of ball games. I think on social media people just say whatever will get attention. I think it is rarely what they really believe. And the more people are addicted to social media I think the less they know what they really believe.

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