My Darling Won't Have Her Fish Fingers

Dad offers his sulking daughter some frozen peas

My darling won't have her fish fingers,
She sullenly shuns her Big Mac,
She says that she'd rather eat legumes
(It's some vegetarian crap).

She says she don't want to eat nuggets,
Though I tell her it's chicken, not gold
And her mayonnaise sandwich I left on the shelf
Is still sitting there gathering mould.

And I wonder who gave her this notion,
This strange and uncommon idea
That food should be tasteless
And men should be waistless
And down pints of water, not beer.

She says I've turned into a relic,
That my thinking is all in the past,
My era loved wasting and contaminasting,
While her's wants the planet to last.

And so now I've decided to change things.
I've finally decided to please.
Her birthday is coming this weekend;
I'll buy her some frozen peas.

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Poem Study Notes:

Written in 2014, just after the poet discovered that kids these days are much more knowledgeable than previous generations about healthy eating.

They even teach them about it in schools! Very impressive!

This poet grew up in a generation so in awe of pot noodles and ready meals that we never stopped to think whether they were actually any good for us...

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