A Narrow Escape in
the Coffee Shop

A hissing coffee jet
In the coffee shop
A mistimed twist
By the barista
Caused a hissing
Coffee jet to
Ballista towards
My sister and I
Worried it would
Hit her wrist and
Give her a blister,
But fortunately
It missed her.

The manager scolded
The ham-fisted barista,
But since no-one was scalded,
He didn’t dismiss her.

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Poem Study Notes:

The inspiration for this poem was the desire to make a play on barrister/barrista and the poem did begin life with that pun in mind, but it just couldn't be made to fit neatly with the other ideas. However, please feel free to to make your own adjustments.

It has been observed that at first glance the picture looks more like a Butcher's than a coffee shop. This may be deliberate.

This poem was written in around 2014 when the poet was going through a Costa phase. He has since entered a Nero phase, since when he has not come up with ideas for any new poems, which fact may or may not be connected ...

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